Caroline Raat

Investing In Reliability

Stakeholder Relationships You Can Build On

An online course, given by two academically and practically experienced teachers.

Practical information

For whom: stakeholder managers, project managers, board members, supervisors, governance & integrity professionals, and (external) stakeholders (interest groups, NGO’s).

For private, public and semi-public sector.

Level: Bachelor+.

Recommended experience: working with external and internal relations.

Minimum and maximum number of participants: 6 – 18.

Costs: € 500,-  or $ 565,-.

No VAT for participants from non-EU countries, reverse charge for EU-clients, 21 % for Dutch clients. 

When: 3 Wednesday evening courses in Februari 2021 (2, 16, 23), from 07:00 PM (19:00) to 10.00 PM (22:00) CET (Amsterdam, NL).

Nature of the course: interactive, academically sound, practical.

Learning Objectives

After participating in the course the participant is/can/knows:

  • Recognize and describe integrity issues;
  • Familiar with the role of stakeholders in the participant’s own practice;
  • The value of integrity for his/her stakeholders;
  • Contribute to leadership development.


A Certificate of completion will be provided to all participants. In The Netherlands, CPE credits (PO) for the Dutch Bar Association and various other professional associations (PE/PA) will be provided after passing an exam at academic level (duration approx. 30 minutes).


3 Sessions of 3 hours each

Day 1 Unraveling Integrity

1.         Integrity according to different disciplines;

2.         The value of integrity: interaction and trust;

3.         Integrity according to psychology (positional power);

4.         Enhancing integrity;

5.         Morality in public, private and semi-public organisations;

6.         When integrity is at stake.

Day 2 Stakeholders and integrity

1.         Ten lessons to identify types of stakeholders and their stakes;

2.         Stakeholder relationships and ethics (sustainability, etc.);

3.         Interacting with integrity;

4.         Areas of attention for stakeholders and stakeholder managers.

Day 3 Practice

1.         Case: The Shipyard’s Stakeholder Manager;

2.         Exercise: identify stakeholders and possible integrity issues;  

3.         Plenary: what would you do?

About us

Caroline Raat

Dr. Joop Remmé (PhD in Philosophy) has a long career in education and consultancy. In education, he has been active at various MBA schools, both in The Netherlands and internationally, teaching about ethics, strategy and HRM. As a consultant he has mainly been involved in management development and ethics. His publications have been about Corporate Social Responsibility / Ethics and Stakeholder Management.

Caroline Raat

Dr. Caroline Raat (PhD, LLM in Constitutional Law, socio-legal studies and legal theory, MA in public administration, Certificate in Psychology) works as an author, researcher, educator, consultant and lawyer in, among others, integrity and organizational behavior, and constitutional law. As IRM Researcher for Open Government Partnership, she wrote several reports. Her publications have been about Power, Administrative Law, Freedom of Information, and Integrity Issues. Recently, she finalized the Handbook Ethics and Integrity for Public Sector Lawyers. Caroline Raat is a Registered Lecturer under Dutch Law.

We are both affiliated with the Platform of Independent Researchers.

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